About Irith Langer

Irith LangerIrith Langer spent most of her life in Basel, Switzerland and now lives in Netanya, Israel. She is a licensed teacher of the Alexander Technique and is a certified member of the Swiss Association of Teachers of the F.M. Alexander-Technique as well as The Israeli Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique.

Since 1982 Irith has been busy exploring and teaching body and mind. As a licensed physical fitness trainer and licensed pre- and postnatal teacher she was constantly busy learning many different techniques and created after a while her own personal method. One day one of her pupils mentioned the Alexander-Technique. Irith got interested and went to take a lesson. She was immediately fascinated. It contained everything she was ever searching for. “How easy and light my movements became!”

It takes 3 years to become a licensed teacher of the Alexander Technique and a minimum of 2,500 school lessons. Irith finished her diploma in Basel, Switzerland and is teaching the technique ever since with great enthusiasm.

In 2004 Irith moved to Netanya, Israel and is continuing there to pass on the Alexander Technique with great pleasure and devotion to people of all age groups.

If you would like to take an appointment with Irith Langer, please contact her using the contact form or by phone: +972-(0)9-885-76-90