"Life is movement, movement is life!"


Find out how the Alexander Technique helps you to improve in whole varieties of ways. Old thinking patterns last over hundreds of years. They get passed on through education, culture and role models. Learning the Alexander Technique enables a person to free him-or herself from holding on to undesirable habitual ways of thinking and moving. Being pointed out, to be stuck in ones ideas, takes most people by surprise. This means the first condition is to recognize one’s adopted habits.


With the Alexander-Method we learn not to act immediately, but to think first, in order to be able to react in a desirable way. Learning the system requires a challenging and interesting process work. It is very enriching to get to know more about oneself. One discovers also a lot of good habits which you do not want to be changed. The process leads to mental, emotional and physical improvement, which enables to enjoy a better quality of life.


Learn more about how an Alexander Technique lesson looks like, what it’s benefits are and where it originated from. Also, read more about Irith Langer, a licensed teacher of the Alexander Technique and your host of this web site.