Alexander Technique Lesson

alexander  technique lesson

What to expect from an Alexander Technique Lesson.

  • An Alexander Technique Lesson will take about an hour. The first lesson serves as an introduction and provides you with comprehensive information.
  • Alexander Technique is a learning process. It is taught one to one. During the whole lesson the pupil remains fully clothed.
  • In a brief talk the pupil expresses his objectives.
  •  As a teacher I use manual guidance and verbal instruction to fit the pupil’s needs.
  •  Work consists of standing, sitting, in movement and on a table.
  •  The pupils learn to apply the Alexander Technique by themselves in their daily activities.
  •  By using the technique we interfere much less with our natural dynamic. Movement becomes lighter, physical and mental balance improves.
  •  Pains and other general discomforts may drop.